And I’m back!

6 Feb
The start of each semester leaves me a frazzled mess, hence the near month long delay in posting…..regardless, I have a moment to breathe and I have some down time at work, so I thought I’d give a little love to the people…er, love to the person….
I’m still figuring much of this blog stuff out, but if there’s one thing I want to get accomplished today is to link to John’s kick a$$ website.  Ultimately, I’ll have a link directly from my page,  but until then: is where it’s at…literally and figuratively. Check it out…you will learn something and come away a more informed athlete and human in general.

As for the purpose of my blog, here’s some things that I am working on for school projects, research and such that I plan on sharing with the whole. wide. world.  Or the one to two family members that may end up ever reading this 🙂

In no particular order:

1.  Experimental research on the effects of non-dairy milk peformance in baked goods.  Specifically, soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk and almond milk….and how those suckers change, make inedible or rock out a dandy piece of cake.

2.  Factors attributing to a high rate of disordered eating patterns in collegiate athletes.  This project is pretty exciting for me and although I won’t be conducting any research per say, I’ll be constructing a meta-analysis of sorts to give a snapshot of the research that has already been completed on this topic.

3.  I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with the National Ski Patrol and provide them with nutritional guidelines related to pre- and post shift fueling, hydration at extreme elevations, and fueling on the go. 

4.  Tropical oils (coconut and kernel oils) and HEALTH!  Yes coconut oil is getting a lot of praise these days, but how do the food technology and manufacturing industries keep up with consumer trends?  (This, alas, is boring to me, but it must be done!)

5.  Doing some work for Performance Unlimited to advise athletes on the best recovery post-workout drinks and snacks.  I would imagine I’ll post that information later this week if school doesn’t hog all of my free time …..

I’m very excited about getting to do some “real” nutrition things as I step one semester closer towards completing my MS in Nutrition degree…which by the way is slated to finish in May ’12!!!!!!  That actually doesn’t seem that far away.  Time is flying!

Hopefully I’ll be back on Friday with some project updates and real nutrition tidbits to share….until then, make it a great week!!


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